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nutsIf you would like to get a signed copy of one of my books, you can place an order with my amazing neighborhood indie bookstore, Stories Bookshop. You can email them at or call them at (718) 369-1167. Stories will hold a copy of the book for you if it’s in stock, or order it for you if it’s not. Once Stories lets you know the book is in the store, send me an email, and I’ll head over to the store and sign it, and Stories will ship it to you. Depending on how drowned in marshmallows I am, it might take me an hour or day or two to swing by the store, but I am happy to do it. Truly!

I'm actually lucky to have a handful of great indie bookstores all within walking/biking/short-subway-riding distance from my home, so you can also order from Community BookstoreGreenlight Bookstore, Books Are Magic, Word, and Books of Wonder. You can't go wrong ordering books from any of these incredible book purveyors. Stories just happens to be the one nearest to my home.
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